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BACK PAIN: What are the causes and concerns you as well? TEST

Sedentary job, in addition to background přesezeného signs on our backs. Only a quarter of back pain are caused by the actual disease of the spine. For the rest of the bad posture, lack of exercise and twisted obsession front of the monitor.

Causes of back pain

Poor posture - Remember how your mother kept saying "straighten the"? Something about it, but if you also did not send for exercise, it was talk. Faulty posture has its origins in childhood and may be insufficient for paved back muscles. So practice and practice.

Sedentary job - If you sit ten hours behind the computer, as opposed to your back not please the boss too. Back and abdominal muscles weaken or shorten, leading to deformation of the spine. Moreover, people with computers often improperly seated. Important is the correct setting chairs, the proper selection or inflatable ball (if you're not afraid to stand out). It will help you and the ball, which is placed between the seat and back, forcing you to sit upright. Do not cross legs, of course, and occasionally wander, move the body.

And unilateral strenuous work - even lifting a bucket of cement all day back good. Especially if you are single and moves fast, people often suffer from back pain. As for the one-way movements, the work need not be strenuous to hurt back.

Insufficient and excessive activity - simply enough is enough. "People with sedentary jobs should be in their lives daily exercise and proper sport.On the other hand, some extreme sports burden spine and certain muscle groups, "informed server

Chilling - If you are in a cold, cold, or windy environment, tuck your shirt in your pants. While not much worn, but whining because of back pain is also not in.

GREAT COMPARISON: Which birth control is cheap and reliable?

Stress- Psychological problems, migraines, severe disease or back pain. Stress has a negative effect our body. Nervous man has strained muscles, hunched posture and back pain to leave yourself a long wait.

Obesity - Excess grease container overburden spine and joints.

Degenerative changes - include a variety of spinal disorders such as collapsed arches or feet.

Pregnancy- This is fortunately transient. Back pain is caused for a number of physiological and hormonal changes. For example, changing the position of the pelvis and the center of gravity of the body.

TEST: You are prone to back pain?

Answer yes or no and record the number of positive responses.

In my family who suffer from back pain.

I suffer from some chronic pain (eg, migraine).

I am overweight.


I smoke.

I eat few fruits and vegetables.

I suffer from arthritis.

At work I sit still.

In my work I do not feel well.

I feel that the health problems you create yourself.

The last time I experienced the unpleasant situation (funeral
divorce, job loss).

In the past I have had back pain.


1-3 YES: Congratulations, if you follow the current living habits, back pain you could never relate to.

4-9 YES: You should improve your lifestyle. In the near future you probably will not hurt your back, but in a few years could speak.

10-13 YES: If your back hurts, you're the exception that proves the rule. Immediately change your lifestyle and start doing something with themselves.

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