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Markets  |  March 19, 2013 08:54:31

Cyprus - the government may change the conditions in the game is also zero for deposits up to 20 000 EUR, EMU has fed offshore havens

Cyprus dominates the market s. The Cypriot government is still trying to change the terms of a one-time bank levy, which should reduce their balances depositors of banks in Cyprus of 6.75% (up to 100 thousand. EUR) respectively. 9.9% (over 100 thousand. EUR). Some have suggested that it was 3% and 12%, or that a certain amount (eg 20 thousand. EUR) the payment to zero and then to (-vz) grew to the sum of deposits.In any case, EMU does not want to hear that Cyprus should be obtained from savers arranged less than EUR 5.8 billion and how you do it is up to him. We'll see how it turns out in the end, they are now in Cyprus bank holidays.

2 řehy post:

1) EMU for a little money (compared with Greece) may
"Buys" the potential of a big deal, but the Germans and the French are fed up offshore centers with "dubious" Russian penEzi and approaching German elections

2) if anything, it had a band more
- up to 100 thousand. USD (What is the EMU limit deposit insurance), 100-500 thousand., 0,5 - 1 mile ., 1 mile . And above 10 miles- 10 miles ., For example. And you would have a better chance of actually getting those who launder money there - and sell it as it is digested plus population. Well, the Russians are unhappy as expected, Putin's angry and it seems that relations between Russia and the EU does not improve (with Syria, Russia probably will not help much).The final decision will be voted on today, we'll see, maybe even fails (which implied a government spokesman Ch.Stylianides) and will have to somehow change. In any case, we'll see how they respond Portuguese, Spaniards and Italians (especially those last have a lot of net financial assets). It will be crucial for the further course of the debt crisis - if the banks took their attack, it will not look ěkný p.

Markets are not over women, but the movements are not drastic - German bonds down (but only 5 bps.), The forint came to more than the annual minimum (308) - even if thefrom the general weakness of the forint helps a lot Orbán itself (see recital last week's revision of the Constitution) and then returned to 305-6. Responded lajo Kosa of Fidesz, that he's too weak ... EUR fell to 1.294, which is the weakest level this year, stock indices down (0.5% -1%). Taking into account Italy and Cyprus plus infirmity France, it is still quite OK result.

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