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Car insurance  |  March 19, 2013 14:54:32

Uninsured causes car accidents a year 3000 for 200 mil

Specific figures on the number of uninsured vehicles in the Czech Republic, although divergent, but the fact remains that it is the order of hundreds of thousands of defaulters who have liability insurance year after year ignored. The problem arises only when an uninsured car with causing the accident, but even when they are asked to pay arrears to the guarantee fund.

You have paid the liability insurance? In this case, prepare a hefty sum of money.   The amount is calculated for each day and unprotected passenger car ranges from 50 to 70 CZK per day.   In the event that you have not paid the whole year pay between 18 to 25 thousand.

Pay a traffic accident!

If the driver causes the accident is uninsured vehicle, will have to pay all the costs associated with it. "Although the liability insurance in 2013, the percentage of some more expensive, it still pays to pay all charges on time. If you think you are paying too much for insurance, just ask a competitor or some specialized line. Probably you will be surprised that one phone call and save a few thousand. "Recommended Petr Zapletal of a specialized portal www.salvepojisteni.cz

Pay? Wait executor!

In the language of numbers, this means that every car owner has no choice. Either pay an annual amount for liability insurance on the car within a few thousand, or a guarantee fund to 25,000, plus a fine for non-payment of insurance from 5 to 40 000 in case of an accident and several more. If the debt is also enforced execution, each amount owed ??is still increased by several thousand.

Damage of uninsured cars exceeds 200 million annually

While the numbers speak clearly in favor of compulsory insurance, still several hundred thousand car owners this obligation does not apply. Annually, the uninsured car causes more than three thousand traffic accidents and causes damage worth more than 200 million.


Facts and Myths!


First      Insurance must be paid, even if you have a long car parked in the garage (not just paying for a car that has surrendered license plate and registration certificate).

Second      Insurance expires the next day after the expiry of the insurance period for a green card / contract. No withdrawal period does not exist!

Third      Newly insured auto insurance is needed immediately if moving out of the showroom nabouráte, it is a shame upon you!

4th      Insurance you have to pay even if it is in the bazaar and you are still the owner.

5th      Dispose car must notify the registry of vehicles - otherwise you may recover after discharge to the guarantee fund.

6th      If the owner dies automobile fuse is needed to pay for it - no matter when handled inheritance.

7thAverage damage caused by an uninsured vehicle moves over 87,500 CZK.

8th      Highest damage caused by an uninsured vehicle amounted to 35 million!


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