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Interest II. pension pillar was dying, because insurance companies take the initiative


II. pillar by partially pulling money out of the ongoing pension system to private accounts savers. One way to save money at the same time within the first pillar of solidarity and for myself. The premium is the one who is in Class II. join Pillar, reduced from 28 to 25 percent. Three percent of the difference go to a private account, but they must saver add two percentage points of their payroll.

At II. pillar pension reform, people can participate from 1 January 2013, for all persons older than 18 years who still do not receive a pension.Individuals older than 35 years (by age, 1 January 2013) can enter only by 1 July 2013, the younger by the end of the calendar year in which they reach 35 years.

What are the expectations of citizens from saving for retirement?

The survey Kooperativa and companies providing financial advice and pension Capitol showed that most (85 percent) of respondents primarily requires guaranteed return and appreciation of their deposits, silver place occupied independence savings on the political situation and followed the requirement of flexibility.So for example, the possibility of a one-off payment at the end of the savings or the ability to select part nastřádaných funds in its course.

What do economists?

Surprising about the fact that it is the absence of the above mentioned requirements is also what the II. pillar pension reform matters most to people. "According to the results of our research is also important for the citizens a chance to your present financial situation of insurance either increase or decrease," said George Klaban, board member of the Capitol with the fact that for them the findings and inspirationits results were behind the creation of alternatives to II. pillars, that flaws saving state designed forms filled.

"II. Pillar does not have the saved-up money, you can not choose their part, can not get out of it, or no one will guarantee no guarantee of appreciation deposits. Thats why insurance companies try to create their own products which could alternate second pillar, "summed Klaban.

AWD analyst Thomas Rampula added that the public interest in the second pillar of the campaign so far did not support or pension companies."While these continue to insist on an optimistic outcome, whereby should the middle of this year to join the II. Pillars more than half a million people, but our research shows that this might not always be. Entire II. Pillar and probably end up a fiasco," commented Rampula.

In his words, is also directly blatant amateurism with which state officials proceed with preparation of pension reform. The only asset remains growing awareness of Czech citizens who are looking for state pension reform are beginning to understand that for them to become at the time of retirement really fullynot care.

However, the Ministry of Finance for Mediafax said that at this moment it is still really too early for any assessment and labeling for the failure. "The pension companies have signed contracts for about 20,000 clients, however, we expect the brunt until the end of the six-month period for people over 35 years old. Should also be noted that younger people are not bound by any deadline, thus have more room for decision," James said the press service of the Haas resort inancí f. He added that pension reform is also not only II.pillar, but a lot of other important steps that were made in the other pillars, including parametric adjustment of the first pillar and increase motivation for saving III. pillars.

Haas explained that entry into II. pillars allow a participant to reduce their payroll levy on compulsory social insurance increased by three percentage points. "This three percent plus two more will pay for their own retirement account, thereby reducing their dependence on the uncertain future of state pensions, diversifies risk their resources to realevaluation in direct proportion to the length and amount of the salary savings increases your future retirement, "says spokeswoman. Strengthening the principle of merit is under the Ministry of Finance but also in the fact that in case of death of the participant, his funds with pension companies become subject to inheritance. Moreover, to reduce its labor taxation, which is in the Czech Republic compared with developed countries one of the highest.

So who pays admission to II. pillar?

If your average monthly income is around the national average, or below it, rather then let the ideas of II. pillar to the water. Entry into this system, according to experts pay more to those who achieve the earnings above the average.

Should carefully consider your input also those who receive about 25 thousand gross income and are rather closer than farther. Citizens with an average income Indeed, according to analysts at net yield one percent per year worth this kind of savings to more than 25 years.

Clearly advantageous and II. pillar remains only for those who receive above-average salary and pension at the same time they still knocking on the door immediately. Keep in mind a simple equation that the higher the income a person has, the less time he needs to save in the second pillar. Even so, there were such people with a salary of around 50,000 per month to spend at least 15 years of age, and citizens with an income of around 100 000 at least 10 years of age.

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