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7 basic tips on how to choose a car in the bazaar

About a third of used cars in the Czech Republic has twisted tachometer. Uncover when buying a used car twisted tachometer is not easy. Still, there are clues that will indicate that the data of mileage is not anything wrong.

What is therefore to check the car vyhlédnutého we focus on?

First Checking IDs

"The first step is to check whether the vehicle identifiers, ie VIN, nameplate and type and engine number match those on the registration papers. That is the basis. Followed by a thorough inspection of the service book, inner wear on the car and the actual age of the vehicle say a lot and driving properties, "says Tomas Svoboda from Auto ESA."If you find any discrepancies, feel free to call the authorized service center or have them check the car in a database of companies that deal with authentication," he advises.

Second Too few kilometers

The first warning that the car may have twisted the odometer, you can catch it when reading the advertisements. The average car moves on Czech roads about 13 to 15,000 kilometers per year. For company cars is disproportionately more. So when you come across a ten year old car that has traveled 40,000 km, is the position of maximum caution.

Third Servicebook

The service record should be filled with all the data and stamp. Even here, however, a more thorough check on the spot. Service books are often regulate them and so sometimes you can find free lists, which can mean fake sites.Pay attention, if not all data written with the same hand, and if you suspect a check to compare the dealer show service books from other cars. Feel free to call and compare the information specified in the Service Booklet with what you code by VIN Authorized Service.

4th Odometer

If someone tampered with a mechanical odometer, detect and control the actual speedometer. It pays to check if the numbers are accurate indicators of the level, focus on fingerprints, smudges and dirt under glass facia. For digital counters indicate unauthorized interference with poskočení occasional or mild flickering digits. Some models of cars, such as Mercedes-Benz, handling reveals counter even during a normal diagnosis.

5th Wear outfit

About how much mileage your car has indeed, reflects the degree of wear on the interior. Newish car that has traveled some 40,000 kilometers, inside the plastic smell, luggage space is felt by saving reserves for rubber.
Significantly fingered wheel rim or ground means that the car has traveled less than 150 000 to 200 000 km. Rubber surfaces ubroušené pedals are around 150,000 km and wiped digits from the gearshift lever means 200 thousand kilometers. After running 200,000 km often comes out white background switches turn lights, wipers, lights, and so on.

6th Attrition also reveals test drive

When test driving, focus on the hum from the rear of the car. This indicates bearing wear. She had gone back when it hits 160,000 kilometers. If the humming sounds from the front and will have either a car crash, or has traveled well over 200,000 km.Pay attention also poloosám. Their life should be well over 200,000 km. Try is driving at full lock. Since the wheels can not hear clicks, which would indicate excessive wear on the half-axis and the actual meter reading over 200,000 km.

7th When in doubt, go for experts

If you have trouble choosing a vehicle of any doubt, it is necessary to turn to the experts. Be one of the recognized car mechanics (just consult with experienced drivers around), or visit one of the big dealerships that offer customers the possibility of financing the purchase of the car itself. Before agreeing conditions, his mechanics car without problems professionally checked.

When choosing a used car, follow these tips:

- Choose Yahoo certified by an independent company
- Go where there is the opportunity to tour personal mechanic or an authorized service
- Buy from someone who owns the car. The customer has to fall back on in case of complaint
- Check that the seller anything secret, will provide the VIN to ride, etc.
- Do not forget to choose, where a wide range of cars and the customer has a lot to choose

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