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NEW FACTS: Beer is a panacea! 10 things that helps

According to the latest study, the beer is even healthier than red wine, said portal. But of course it depends on the amount of drink, because nothing is overdone. If you want the therapeutic effects of beer to get the best, it is ideal one to two glasses per day, or rather achieve the opposite effect. And what Bohemia beloved golden beverage can?

First Reduces risk of cancer

Beer contains large amounts of antioxidants, for example, while one Portuguese study found that when marinating meat in beer, will lose up to 70 percent of carcinogenic substances.The beer contained flavonoids, especially hopein also destroy free radicals, which are an important factor in the development of tumors.

Second Prevents myocardial

According to the latest research Riecerca Italian Fondazione di Cura, who examined 16 different international studies, people were drinking a pint of beer a day a 31 percent lower risk of heart disease. Beer among others increases levels of "good" HDL cholesterol and contains flavonoids and vitamins B, which protects against atherosclerosis and prevents heart attacks.

Third Healthier kidneys

Hops contained in beer helps to be covered in calcium in the kidneys and up to 40 percent and reduces the risk of kidney stones. Of course, it also helps adequate hydration and generally supports the proper functioning of the kidneys.

4th Stronger bones

Beer contains a large amount of silicon, and the study found that older people who drank two glasses of beer a day (but not more), have denser bones and less likely to suffer fractures. Most silicon is a light beer and prevents osteoporosis.

5th Supports brain health and prevention of stroke

According to research, people consuming beer in old age by up to a fifth less likely to suffer from mental illness. Beer also prevents the formation of blood clots and act preventively against stroke. Mild stroke risk drinking beer reduces by up to 20 percent.

6th Reduces the risk of diabetes

Harvard study from 2011 looked at 38,000 middle-aged people and found that those who drank two glasses of beer a day had a 25 percent lower risk of 2 diabetes type.With chromium and dietary fiber reduces beer called insulin resistance, which causes the disease.

7th Lowers blood pressure

For moderate beer drinkers research has determined that they have a significantly reduced risk of developing high blood pressure which is the cause of many diseases, including heart attack.

8th It improves the functioning of the digestive tract

Beer has a beneficial effect on the activity of the digestive tract, especially with the included carbon dioxide and hop bitter substances that contribute to mucosal blood flow, stimulate the production of saliva, bileand digestive juices. It prevents formation of gallstones.

9th Improves skin

Vitamins, particularly the B and acids in beer support metabolism and skin regeneration. Beer and helps skin pigment formation and improves complexion.

10th Prolongs life

American meta-analysis of 50 studies of beer found that moderate drinkers live longer golden nectar.

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