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Expert advice: How to prepare a car for spring

Winter is for each car, without exception, the most difficult period of the year. Preparing for the summer season, when we ride and more await us even longer trips on vacation, it is therefore extremely important.

"Regular care will help keep the car in good condition. Spring and autumn are ideal seasons, in which every motorist had everything carefully. Motorists can do many tasks themselves, but after a challenging winter, it pays to head to the garage-quality service and leave everything to examine experts. First of all, brakes and shock absorbers, which punctured the roads really suffering, "advises Thomas Freedom of Auto ESA And where do you start?

Thorough cleansing

The basis of the car is to get rid of all the dirt, salt and scars that left on the body winter sleet. It's a perfect quality car wash. Have your car cleaned, including the chassis.First car respray hose it to remove most contaminants. If you do not you may find that the dirt sticks to wash brushes and you will then scratch the paint.

After passing the dishwasher is worth once underbody and cavity pressure spray hose or clean engine compartment. If you feel it, leave it to the experts who can clean the engine with regular checks of liquids.

The wax definitely stingy. A quality wax is not just for show, that car look good, but it helps protect the body from inclement weather. Well-treated body more resistant to corrosion.

Before the last layer of wax treat minor scratches on the paintwork. It fits retouching or correction pens that you buy in the color of your car in specialized stores.

Once the better weather knocked out rugs and thoroughly vacuum the entire interior. You will be amazed how much you have in the car in winter plotted stones and other impurities.

Caution on brakes

The cleansing of the vehicle can combine control brakes. Winter frosts and filth entire brake system every car extremely burden. Pressure hose thoroughly spray the wheels and check or replace the brake pads.

When braking you hear or feel a slight rubbing, you have brakes clogged or frozen salt dust from the brake pads. Be sure to have them cleaned. Contaminated brake because they have lower efficiency, resulting in longer stopping distance of the vehicle. This high quality car service you pay for professional cleaning by type of vehicle braking from 300 to 800 crowns.

Replace wiper

One of the most tired parts of a car in winter wiper. From autumn mists were virtually constant perpetuity and is therefore not surprising that with the advent of spring do not work as they should, and the glass is smudged. "You is indeed clean, but if you want to have a clear view, exchanging rubbers after this winter seems unavoidable. At the same time, check the fluid level in the reservoir and possibly her top up. The summer blend can go around in the middle of April. Using a mixture of winter for warmer days can not go wrong "advises Tomas Svoboda from Auto ESA.

Check the air conditioning

Before the start of the summer season definitely checked air conditioning. She needs once a year, at the latest after two years regular service. Checking and topping up coolant takes about half an hour and costs some 800 crowns.

Changing tires

The tire change still do not hurry. Meanwhile watch the thermometer. The right time will come only when temperatures climb consistently above 7 degrees Celsius. They will begin to deteriorate properties of winter tires and start wearing more. The garage will replace the tires professionally, exported and checked.

To service should the control tire for winter head and the one who uses universal fitment. The sjetých erasers car badly and keeps track of the dusty roadside slightly skids. Checking tires is good to combine with the testing of dampers, which came to occupy the roads vytlučených most Czech cities.

Check battery

Spring control the car should not be avoided or the one who saved the car in the winter and rode only a little or not at all. "Long standing in one place is not good for cars. The used car because every car we drive and check regularly. The most important aspects of care for batteries, tires and fuel. After the winter may be in the tank in vehicles with petrol engines settle water. That is easy to get rid of such velfobinem to buy at every gas station, "says Tomas Svoboda from Auto ESA.

Prolonged standing can have a bad effect on tires that are not due to permanent load on all sides of the same density and handling characteristics are deteriorating, which may affect your safety. If you stand every winter, be aware that you will have to change more frequently.

"Spring control is definitely not to be underestimated. Who is not sure, you may use the services of a quality car service that the spring tours offer significant discounts to motorists, "advises Freedom from Auto ESA.

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