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Deliberate failure: The product is broken month after the warranty period!

Probably not every person must have two years of each new phone. Because of those who do not want to adapt to trends in consumer society voluntarily, manufacturers have devised a little ruse. Mobil buys simply because the old one a few weeks after the warranty period stops working. German Association 90/Zelení a party to the unfair practices of large companies commissioned a study and its results reported Czech server.

Failure phenomenon has a name - planned obsolescence. "It is now ubiquitous.Components are often functionally undersized, premature wear or directly cause basically timed fault. From the sale of deliberately poorly manufactured goods has become a mass phenomenon, "says Stefan Schridde, one of the study authors.

Exactly 1 year, 2 months and 24 days phone is broken

And how it works in practice? Instead of metal parts used plastic. If the appliance breaks down, correcting difficult, because the can not get into it. Batteries are firmly attaching and do not replace it.And if things do not break, the device is just as soon not usable, because it develops accessories compatible with some models.

Sometimes with the manufacturers there mating flat products and programmed so that after some time just stopped working. It concerns such as memory cards for the camera. After taking a number of other images, they simply do not do. The same rule applies for some coffee machines and printers. Prepare only a limited number of "presíček" and the exact number of printed pages.

A typical strategy for Apple. Once it overdone but ...

Master in this field, the company Apple. In 2003 her but it backfired and faced mass action. A little overestimated the tolerance of consumers when selling iPods in Brazil, where it was not possible to replace the battery life and be timed to 18 months. The court then gave the people the truth. Apple had to replace the batteries free of charge and extend the warranty period of two years. One failure but Apple has not discouraged and commonly used such as screws to unscrew only with a special tool. And lo and behold, they have only Apple authorized repairmen. In the notebook, there are parts for sure straight glued together.

Former goods but not just electronics. The soles of shoes are made to be prematurely ošoupávají and can not be replaced. Plastic zippers soon stop working. Cotton has short fibers so that the shirts after a few months apart.

Economic and environmental impacts

This corporate strategy has far-reaching implications than just annoyed consumers. The German study shows that our neighbors for scrap in 2012 spent an astonishing € 101 billion, seven percent of total household expenditure.For a better idea - for fuel annually pay 56 billion for energy food for 98 and 130th

But it is not just about money. Premature obsolescence occurs annually in addition 9.6 million tons of garbage, ie 120 kg per Germans. The environmental aspect is therefore essential aspect.

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