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The computer virus attacks, which one of us wants to extort money. Nenaleťte too!

"Your computer is blocked!" This message has recently been increasingly appearing on computer screens. In the message header, although the character of the Czech police and even the fact that this "blocked" by the Institute Cybercrime Czech police, but it is only an illusion. In fact, it's a virus that has the money to lure people.

Requires payment is 3000 crowns. "To unlock the computer and escape criminal responsibility, you must pay a fine of 3,000 CZK," reads the report.Below that is a check for payment and time period that counts 48 hours, during which you have to pay that amount.

Definitely, we do not pay, it is a computer virus. Respectively, it's called malware. Malware is a collective term includes computer viruses, Trojan horses, spyware and adware. You will probably need to seek expert reboot does not help you. For your data is to you only through safe mode.

If you "police" report to examine in detail, you will certainly not escape attention that everything is written much breakneck Czech.Moreover it is not specified exactly why your computer is locked. You could in fact guilty of just seven options and each is clearly defined, there is a fine you if and how long you go to jail.

This virus in the Czech Republic is certainly nothing new, in various versions, has appeared in the past. The different versions of the virus to see in the next gallery.

"If you liked this text appeared on the screen, in any case, do not pay anything and try to reset the computer through safe mode or contact the IT specialist" recommended criminologists.

Czech is not the only country where the exact same computer virus attacks. The very same message appeared on the computer Slovaks. More about it you can read on the portal "Police" virus attack but also for example in Great Britain.

What can you do to make your computer secure and up to date?

The computer must be missing some basic security software, ie the antivirus and firewall, which builds between your computer and the Internet imaginary wall. Then the attackers must first overcome to get into the bowels of your computer.

You can choose from many different manufacturers programs. Some are free, such as avast! Free Antivirus. Better results but provide manufacturers paid apps F-Secure, Symantec, Kaspersky Lab, AVG, etc.

First Upgrade Programs

Do not rely only on automatic antivirus scans and automatic updates. Check from time to time, everything happens as it should, or try to search for viruses and other malicious programs, including manually patching.

Make sure you have the current version used programs that you have the latest security patches.

This mainly relates to operating systems and web browsers. But neither party spreadsheets and word processors.For example, security patches for such Microsoft Word and Excel are constantly appearing on the internet ...

Second Do not open suspicious e-mails

You walk to the mailbox each day by e-mail, hoping to find something in it "useful"? Then put a good look at what actually opening.

Not all e-mails, even give the appearance that sent your friend, or bank, had to be sent from trusted sources. Sender can be easily manipulated.

You can then either bump on phishing (the attacker can lure you to fake websites that seem to fall out of the eye of those real, which is used as your bank), or you can open zavirovat computer unsafe attachments in your email.

This way an attacker to access the data on your computer. The one with them can then do whatever you want.

Third Watch the installation of new programs

Have you downloaded from the Internet "underworld" movie, or software? May be infected.Again, you can expose your computer and your data attacks criminals.

Defending against this type of attack is relatively easy - use only legal and multimedia programs. If you want to issue a "different" way, then after downloading ambiguously downloaded materials in their content of at least Scan your updated antivirus program.

4th Web pages can be attacked

Even regular website can be infected by viruses. Just then the Web site load and the computer for viruses immediately.

How to best defend? Again, use the services of antivirus software and regularly update both the operating system and Web browser. Thus significantly reduce the possibility of digital infection.

5th Sensitive data store "out" internet

On the Internet, no computer is completely safe. There are always ways to do it, or another device secretly get.
Sensitive data (such as bank account numbers, private photos, etc.) are therefore always be stored on external drives that are not connected to the computer when you are working with the Internet.
Even better for these purposes to use a computer that is permanently "cut off" from the World Wide Web.

If you follow all these recommendations, then you are on your way to making a reliably functioning device that is virus-free. Add to this restraint in installing new unproven programs, various types of video codecs, neotevírání suspicious emails and websites, security of data stored on your computer only increase.

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