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H-System clients threatens home sales in auction for one fifth of their fair value. In their homes will have to pay for the third time

Troubles H-System clients still not over. Fifty-five apartments in Horomerice that remained in bankruptcy basically siphoned off company, the 11th April provided a voluntary auction for the lowest amount of 62 million crowns. It records speculators. Conversely vulnerable families who reside in over 12 years, such a sum will not cover even one fifth of current spending. Originally promised cheap housing thus turned into a nightmare really overpriced - the first people the money for the house came after the collapse of H-System, the second time invested similarly high amounts to the completion of the unfinished project and the third will havepay the scheduled auction, otherwise the property will come.

After the bankruptcy of the H-System and declaring bankruptcy on its property in 1998 established housing association Svatopluk connecting cheated clients. "At that time the land in Horomerice dream home instead of just the base.With the bankruptcy trustee, we followed the team agreed on the construction and completion of the project and invested another almost 100 million crowns, zkolaudovali houses and settled. According to the actual auction notice but it looks like we will lose houses and investment, "said Martin Junek, print SBD spokesman Svatopluk, which brings together clients, H-System.  

Decree on the rest of the planned auction bankruptcy H-System is no additional investment from people Horoměřice does not indicate a current value Horoměřická awarded the construction of the H-System. "14 years ago, the price of land sites is estimated at around 25 million, after our completion is latest estimate of 122 million crowns, the auction starting price is 62 million. So either existing residents must again pay outrageous money for the purchase of their home, or wins speculators at a price that barely covers half the market value of the home. Finally, it damages all creditors H-System, because there is a total humiliation finances in bankruptcy basically, "said Martin Junek.

In the nearby Great Prilepy where team Svatopluk also after H-System appeared before, people had better luck. By the end of last year all the residents bought their property, while the price of new and higher estimates, but taking into account their investment. Exactly what was originally agreed with the first bankruptcy trustee in 1999 before finishing team. All but Mr. Sykora, whose story haunts Horoměřická H-System clients most.

Mr. Sykora, like a thousand others, paid at the beginning of the project H-System three million crowns. "Lost them. He joined the team, and if the bankruptcy trustee licensed dostavovat, invested along with other members in the completion of more money, "Martin outlined the fate of hundreds of clients Junek H-System. After the move included the newly appointed manager Jaroslav Sykora house in bankruptcy.Mr. Sykora was ready to buy the house, but not for a new appraisal value increased by 150 percent and excluding its investments. Eventually, the house was sold to Mr. Sykora without his knowledge for a fifth of the value of CIB Property."Just such a situation the people in Horomerice scares before the auction, either excessive additional payments or speculators, in ignorance of the issue may attract seemingly low starting price. Enough in the system while continuing redemptions, as in the previous ten years has established and practiced in the current administrator Prilepy, "said Martin Junek.

At this point, given housing association to Mr. Svatopluk Sýkora action for the bankruptcy trusteeand is prepared to take all legal steps forward in case of a negative development in Horomerice. "local people are already years dysfunctional legal framework decimated and committed to everything. If you will be forced to leave the house because of exorbitant price, to which they reach for reasons not covered by previous investment decisions to move with everything built here, ie bathrooms, kitchens, windows, plumbing, drain pipes and other costly equipment. The mood in families robbed is already so emotionally charged that I would not be surprised either desperate measures, "said Martin Junek.


Eliska Crkovská

media consultant SBD Svatopluk  

The SBD Svatopluk

Housing association SVATOPLUK was established in 1998 in response to the bankruptcy of the company H-System. The team at the time, came cheated 750 clients tunneling company.Svatopluk SBD agreed with the bankruptcy trustee of the first H-System completion of the rescue plan in localities failed project. A team under the supervision of the state invested in restorations 220 million crowns, together built 130 houses and flats. Currently operates SBD Svatopluk all legal steps to protect the rights of former clients in the H-System locations and Horoměřice Prilepy.

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