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Czech Republic - a summary 5.4 - End of week marked decline led by banks, CEZ and CME. Resisted dividend titles

The Prague Stock Exchange ended the short 14th week pronounced decline, which followed a strong negative trend in the European markets. General stock mood today got a fairly large scars in the form of concerns about a possible pandemic of avian flu in China, and a significant disappointment from data on the evolution of new jobs in the U.S. economy. Influenza pandemics in 2003 and 2009, most notably influenced events in the equity markets and investors are therefore worried about the possible development of new problems reported in China. Significantly corrected especially sectors linked to tourism, which would be a possible pandemic was the most affected.
Presented data on the development of new jobs throughout the U.S. economy has been very disappointing when there has been a decline in the unemployment rate by another tenth of a percent, but the economy has not created in March, less than half the expected number of new jobs.Investors took it as a fairly clear signal that the recovery in the U.S. economy will in no way "natural." It's a little question of whether and when the wrong tone of this report turns into the positive signal in terms of the continuation of the third round of QE. Data from the labor market there will certainly reduce fears of premature termination of quantitative easing, which in the last few weeks or months, start to take despite all the Fed's statement on the intensity.

On the home front were on active sales page with the banks and CEZ, the downturn were built defensive dividend titles such as HC2, PMCR and Pegasus. Shares TO2 easily corrected yesterday's unusually strong drop of more than 4.5%, which was related to concerns about the potential disadvantages of selling the entire company or part of the portfolio of the Spanish parent company.
In the morning, trying to grow CETV shares based on sales reports half capacity for advertising this year. The question is what is the correct interpretation of the message, because many major advertising clients with annual operating budgets and if they agree with the media before the start of the new year or in the beginning, making its crucial decision later in the year for them, at a given period, already very complicated and difficult. Wait major clients is also dangerous from the point of view that it can show that "failure" of their advertising expenditures will be directly proportional to the achieved results, which could reduce their spending appetite also for the future. The market is most likely rather inclined to the negative tone of the report and later in the day deepened historical minimum.
Following reports of Ostrava steelworks closure Evraz also continued to decline NWR.

Today was interesting 11procentní growth stocks Tatra buffeted by speculation about the recent change in ownership of the company that took place in the auction.

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Exchange Conclusion 5 April 2013 16:30
Name Course Change Volume Yesterday
AAA Auto 23.10    0.00% 0.46million 23.10
CME CME 75.10    -2.47% 2.58 million 77.00
ČEZ 566.00   -0.35% 135.47 million 568.00
ERSTE BANK GROUP 568.50    -1.56% 68.63 million 577.50
FORTUNA 98.00   0.00% 1.22 million 98.00
COMMERCIAL BANK 3791.00    -2.32% 126.46 million 3881.00
NWR 67.55    -1.10% 26.62 million 68.30
ORCO GROUP 54.70    2.72% 0.96 million 53.25
PEGAS NONWOVENS 502.00    1.50% 0.10 million 494.60
PHILIP MORRIS CR 11,800.00    0.43% 11.69 million 11,750.00
TELEFÓNICA O2 289.50    0.45% 84.38 million 288.20
UNIPETROL 172.00   0.00% 1.99 million 172.00
VIG 954.90    -0.84% 5.24 million 963.00
TOTAL   465.80 million

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ČR - souhrn 5.4. - konec týdne ve znamení poklesu pod vedením bank, ČEZ a CETV. Vzdorovaly dividendové tituly

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