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Caution! Ticks attack. Here's your last opportunity to be vaccinated

Large scarecrow summer months are ticks. How to protect against them? It told us in an interview lékařka Ilona Koch, who was a guest at Tuesday's Breakfast with Nova . Is very dangerous tick-borne encephalitis, against which there is no cure. If you want to avoid health problems, get vaccinated, it is high time!

What exactly is a tick-borne encephalitis?

It is a viral disease against which there is no treatment. This disease is transmitted by an infected tick by tick in a small number of cases, but may transmit nepastarizovaného drinking infected milk. Before the tick-borne encephalitis can protect so that we allow ourselves to vaccinate.

As the disease manifests itself?

It starts as a flu, high temperature and sore muscles and joints. People usually have no idea that encephalitis ill, because it really looks like the flu.After a while though the disease retreats, but meanwhile, the virus travels to the central nervous system or the brain. Then they begin to show signs typical of meningitis. This means that a person has a huge headache, high fever, světoplachost, but it can also occur obrnám in the face and feet and hands.

Vaccination is the only protection against ticks?

It is good when we go to the countryside, protect clothing and insect repellent. But of course the most effective vaccine.

How many vaccinations cost?

One dose of vaccine is from 600 to 650 crowns. In addition, vaccination fee still applies. Basic vaccination in three doses, the first two doses are given to before and after the season we've protected the last third dose is then administered over five to twelve months after the second dose. The first booster dose following three years, another for people under 60 years After five years, people over 60 years přeočkovávají once every three years.

Do I have to pay for the vaccination itself, or it pays insurance company?

Most insurance companies to contribute and even one offer to one vaccination for their clients for free.

When is the best season ever for a vaccination?

Vaccination is the year when someone forgets to him, so he can get vaccinated for example in the summer. The best is yet to be vaccinated in the winter or early spring, before they begin to wake up and ticks become active. The first two doses is best applied when it is cold outside. Prick in the range of one to three months. In the event that it is hot, and the dose administered after two weeks.These two doses will protect him through the summer season, the third and last batch was seeded five to twelve months after the second dose.

Where can threaten us that we are infected with this disease?

Czech Republic is highly endemic areas, which means that ticks are all over the country, so there is every risk of infection. This disease occurs most in Central Europe, but occurs in Russia or Mongolia.

People who are most susceptible to key encephalitis?

As I said, in the Czech Republic is endemic region, thus threatening disease all. But the process is the worst among the elderly or sick people.

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