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Post the parent is more than 274,000 crowns, unfolds according to salary

Maternity grows from gross salary, it has also eligible man.

Future moms have to think twice when they start maternity benefit. They are legally entitled to a period of eight to six weeks before the birth, which term shall gynecologist. "Current time" before giving birth to them deducted from the time you spend with the paper after birth babies. That means 28 weeks (196 days) for mothers with one child, 37 weeks (259 days) for mothers with triplets.

If a woman decides to terminate before the parent (eg, four months) and returns to work, the "unused" contribution comes naturally. On the parent must by law be at least 14 weeks.

Everything depends on the height of salary

The amount of the parent is based on the gross salary of women. Maximum can get people who took less than 79,000 crowns a month, higher salaries are already in your post do not count. In this case, the woman should be entitled to 1058 crowns per day. At birth, a child and family can utilize the maximum 207,370 crowns for a parent, the Multiple deliveries is then approximately 274,000 crowns.

At lower salaries (over 79,000 gross), the parent contribution decreases.

Each is calculated so-called reduction and the parent account for 70 percent of the calculation basis. Everyone can either calculate it according to the table by the candidates, visit the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs at or using formula. It looks like this:

Your gross monthly salary for the previous year (not calendar) 12 months ago multiply and divide 365 days. Thus we get unreduced basis for the calculation of their maternity leave. So if you take 30,000 crowns gross, you get to (30 000x12/365) 986.3 crowns per day. This amount, however, the calculation is reduced through the so-called reduction

The first reduction is a maximum level of 863 crowns per day. You subtract from the unreduced values ??(ie 986,3-863) and you get 123.3 crown. Up to 863 crowns a day in doses counted one hundred percent of contributions, thus contribution amounts to 863 crowns.

The second reduction level is in the range from 863 to 1295 crowns a day, it is counted in the dose of 60 percent. In our case (123.3 x0, 6) 73.98 Crown. Together to the reduced base counts (73.98 +863) 936.98 crowns per day.The third level has been above our benefits do not fall, but below it for the possibility of calculating specify.

The dose is only a 70 percent reduced basis, as a result, you should get 655,886 crowns a day. If you decide to consume a parent, you get a total of 128,800 crowns for one child (196 days on maternity) and 169,900 crowns for Multiple deliveries (259 days at home).

The third level is a reduction from 1295 to 2589 crowns a month, tops reduction between 1295 and this maximum is 70 percent (remains 30 percent).

Since 2589 crowns daily, a dose increase.

If you took 40,000 crowns gross, makes your unreduced basis 1,315 crowns a day. Are you so into the third reduction levels. Subtract the 863 crowns, which fall into the first level, and get them all.The second level will fall 432 crowns (1295-863), you will be reduced to six tenths, ie from the level reached 259.2 crown. In the last, the highest level will remain 20 crowns, from which the reduction will get six crowns (30 percent). Then all of a reduced base aggregated (863 +259,2 +6) to get 1128.2 crowns, which reduced your basis. From there, calculate 70 percent, which is the final amount of your benefits (amounts and 789.7 crowns a day, which means approximately 23,690 crowns per month).

This calculation applies only to women who are paid by the employer for at least 270 days in the last two years health insurance. Without him, is not entitled to maternity allowance. Furthermore, it must be when on maternity leave, employment. If not, have a chance to receive contributions, and if they are in a 180-day withdrawal period after job loss.

SEP not forget to pay health insurance

For the self-employed (self-employed) are set tougher rules for obtaining benefits. Or if you want to get anything at all, they should not forget to pay your health insurance. Here, the same applies: the self-employed it must pay at least 270 days during the last two years, including 180 days in the last year. To pay health insurance also includes the study period.

Payment of health insurance is worth 2.3 percent of the unreduced basis, so if you pay 300 crowns a month, you get to the base of 428.8 crowns. It all falls into the first level of reduction, thus is not reduced. After calculating the 70 percent (the final reduction amount) from the post then come maternal contribution to approximately nine thousand crowns a month.

The contribution of fathers are also eligible

Not only the mother's parents, fathers are entitled to maternity allowance. They will be calculated in the same way as women. Even the father should not stay home with the child. This is a case where a man earns more, woman therefore calculate maternity leave from the man's salary. But a man must enter into a written agreement with his mother when he undertakes the care of the child.

If he goes back to work, not perform the same work activity, from which he calculated post. However, it may take in the same company for another job. However, if the father for the mother decides it may take up to seven weeks after the birth. The financial contribution then takes 22, or 31 weeks for triplets.

If the mothers or fathers do not contribute to sick leave, begin straight draw "parental contribution" that the maternity benefits otherwise continues.

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