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BIG TEST Spaghetti: What is quality pasta and spaghetti which is better to throw the pigs?

Our great spaghetti test commenced Luigi Valenzano interesting story of origin and ways of pasta. We have learned that it is very important profiles, in which the pasta is made. "The profile can be either modern, a Teflon or classic bronze. You nonstick surfaces ensure that the pasta does not stick nesvářejí and, as it were," explained Luigi Valenzano.

But oh. Pasta made with modern methods in the pot while cooking might not stick, but against those classic, produced the old fashioned way, they also have quite an important drawback."Pasta should have harsher rougher surface that sauce on themselves formed. If produced on a non-stick profiles, the pasta is much smoother, while production on bronze profiles ensures rougher surface and pasta sauces on them gets better," said Luigi Valenzano.

When selecting in the Czech market as always decides the correct Italian for Italian pasta, but as the test showed he tasted some Czech. If you can not decide on the shelf, after which reach recommended Luigi focus on color. "The classic Italian ingredient is durum semolina, which has a dark color.Darker pasta is superior quality, "says simply.

When testing a while Luigi Valenzano all kinds of pasta thoroughly inspected and cooked himself, but before final testing, we had spaghetti mix the different types of packaging and conceal.

After their raised, after the test, Luigi Valenzano nodded approvingly, that he was able to evaluate the best Italian pasta Barilla, which are really good class between pasta. Contrary, we were surprised that a relatively high (4thplace) located the cheapest pasta brand Euroshopper.

Possible explanations showed a closer look at the label. The cheapest spaghetti test produces the same string Albert Czech manufacturer, which produces spaghetti, who took second place just a test ...

First PLACE: Barilla Spaghetti n.5, 500 g

Brand: Barilla G. e R. Fratelli, Parma, Italy
Recommended time range: 8 minutes
Price: 33.90 CZK (Bill)

Rating: not cling to the teeth, the consistency of pasta is good.

Second PLACE: Adriana Pasta 500 g

Manufacturer: Europasta SE, Czech Republic
Recommended time range: 7-9 minutes
Price: 31.90 CZK (Albert)

Rating: Good, resemble those of the first. Very good shape.

Third LOCATION: 500 g Spaghetti Lagris

Manufacturer: Unknown
Recommended time range: 11-13 minutes
Price: 26.90 CZK (Bill)

Rating: These have an average spaghetti taste. Neither exceptional nor bad.

4th LOCATION: 400 g Spaghetti Euroshopper

Manufacturer: Europasta SE, Czech Republic
Recommended time range: 8-10 minutes
Price: 6.80 CZK (Albert)

Rating:A little better than the previous ones. (Luigi Valenzano spaghetti evaluated in a blind test, and this statement actually refers to four brands of spaghetti that follow.)

5th PLACE: Spaghetti Combino, 500 g

Manufacturer: stated only that the pasta was made in Italy
Recommended time range: 7-8 minutes
Price: 13,90 CZK (Lidl)

Rating: slushy pasta, disintegrate in the mouth in a pile.

6th PLACE: Spaghetti Panzani, 500 g

Manufacturer: mentioned only that the exporter is Panzani, Lyon, France
Recommended time range: 7-9 minutes
Price: 34,90 CZK (Albert)

Rating: Too soft pasta.

7th PLACE: Rosicky pasta, 500 g

Recommended time range: 6-8 minutes
Manufacturer: Europasta SE, Czech Republic
Price: 18,90 CZK (Albert)

Rating: From the perspective of bad pasta. Tear, does not hold shape.

8th PLACE: Spaghettini Natural, 500g

Manufacturer: Pasta Lensi, Italy
Recommended time range: 5-7 minutes
Price: 29.90 CZK (Albert)

Rating: slushy and soft pasta.

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