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Swollen eyes and a runny nose? Maybe it's allergies. You can also help hypnosis and acupuncture

In Central Europe, the pollen season is divided into three seasons - spring, summer and autumn. In the Czech Republic starts spring pollen season usually in February, in May, summer and autumn in August. The exact beginning, of course, governed by the length and stiffness of winter and other meteorological factors.

There are also differences between the southern and northern regions of the Republic, and between the mountains and the lowlands, which may be in the range 7-14 days. Current temperature, humidity and air flow and sunshine also affect the amount of variation in pollen grains even during the daytime.

The main spring pollen allergens include pollens spring trees such as birch, alder, hazel, hornbeam, maple, oak, cypress, ash, beech, chestnut, walnut, elm, poplar, sycamore, and more. For sensitive people can cause very unpleasant allergic reaction that can result in severe cases, even life-threatening condition. It fortunately happens very rarely and grateful to include various anti-allergic drugs.

Flowering evergreens

In April bloom with us allergologically minor Cypresses - thuja, juniper, cypress. Our conifer trees bloom every year, but more so spruces periods in April and May 4-8 years. Pine trees bloom a little later in May and June after 2-3 years.

Their pollen is heavy, visible as a yellow powder. Raises rather than mechanical irritation of the mucous membranes directly allergic reaction. Patients often due to increased difficulties in this time and visible coatings yellow pollen everywhere thinks allergy to conifers.

At this time, but blooms at the same time a number of far more allergenic plants (mostly grasses already) and those are the real cause of allergic disorders patients. Their pollen is not in real life naked eye nearly as noticeable.

Pollen season has just begun, so be alert and try to avoid places where there just "your" allergen.

Relief from allergies, you can look at alternative methods


Examples of alternative treatments for allergies to pollen is homeopathy. A homeopathic doctor will prescribe a patient a medication that can help both to alleviate allergy symptoms, as well as prevention. The principle is the use of highly diluted substances that caused by allergy and to which the body in this small dose of "get used" and learn how to prevent them.

Salt Cave

Other possibilities are alternative therapies such as stays in salt caves or. and inhalation of water pipes. Similarly, anti-allergic and can cause a variety of supplements, particularly herbal mixtures, etc.But their use should always be consulted with your allergist.


According to some theories of acupuncture promotes the release of endorphins in the brain, which can result in reducing stress and lessening the symptoms.


Biofeedback method is based on the measurement of physiological parameters (temperature, blood pressure, etc.) in real time and conscious of their influence. The best results will, supposedly, this trend among children and young people.


It is a therapeutic manipulation of the spine, which has started its own regenerative capacity of the body.

Laser Therapy

The light of high intensity, although it can help to reduce the swelling or unblock the blocked nasal cavity, but also can cause scarring or have other undesirable effects.

Relaxation Techniques

This includes massage, yoga or arte-or music therapy. Stress and anxiety can for example asthma contribute to airway narrowing and therefore are useful just relaxation techniques.Indeed reduce stress levels and help to better control their breathing.

Food allergy

But there is a whole lot of foods that improve breathing and help suppress asthmatic problems. These include:
• mushrooms, which are a natural antibiotic,
• marigold, improving asthma, cough and affects inflammation,
• grep then destroys the bacteria and fungi that cause allergies and inflammation,
• Black currant is excellent in anti-allergy hay fever, eczema or asthma
• the last member of the buds hornbeam, which improves respiratory infections and trachea.

All this, of course, you can try to be cautious and assuming that you are not allergic to the food!

Look at TV Nova report of allergy:

The test is of more

You might have most of the above methods graduated and looking for something else again. Then you can try the following:
• treatment of herbal extracts and vitamin preparations,
• change in diet and lifestyle,
• Traditional medicine of different cultures, especially Ayurveda,
• hypnosis.

Do not get caught

Perhaps the biggest problem in the field of alternative medicine is a rather poor or zero possibility of control. More than anywhere else, it is important to keep an eye on the quality of our services or products, which may in individual cases vary significantly.

How to recognize food allergies from normal gastric irritation? What food allergies exist? You can read it tomorrow!

For more information not only about allergies you can find on the web Ulékař .

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Máte oteklé oči a plný nos? Možná je to alergie. Pomoct vám může i hypnóza i akupunktura

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