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Where Europeans go on holiday? Look at the table!

Where do most Europeans go on holiday?

Country Number of allowed (in millions) Abroad First place Second place Third place
EU27 1042.1 247.1 Spain Italy France
Belgium 11.3 8.4 France Spain Netherlands
Bulgaria 5.6 0.7 data is missing data is missing data is missing
CR 34 5.3 Slovakia Other countries Italy
Denmark 29 6.2 Germany Sweden Spain
Germany 215 72.7 Austria Italy Spain
Estonia 2.2 0.8 Russia Finland Ukraine
Ireland 10.9 4.7 UK Spain Portugal
Greece 12.1 1.1 Other countries * Turkey Bulgaria
Spain 121.5 9.6 France Portugal Italy
France 203.6 22.3 Spain Italy UK
Italy 58.2 11 Other countries Turkey Bulgaria
Cyprus 1.7 0.8 Greece UK Asia **
Lithuania 4.2 0.9 Sweden Germany Russia
Latvia 3.4 1.3 Other countries Lithuania UK
Luxembourg 1.3 1.3 France Germany Belgium
Hungary 19.3 3.8 Austria Other countries Germany
Malta 0.4 0.2 Italy UK Spain
Netherlands 30.3 15.7 Germany France Spain
Austria 16.4 8.2 Italy Germany Other countries
Poland 30.8 4.3 Germany Italy UK
Portugal 11.1 1.0 Spain France UK
Romania 12.5 0.9 Italy Bulgaria Hungary
Slovenia 4.2 2.4 Other countries Italy Austria
Slovakia 6.9 2.7 Other countries CR Italy
Finland 37.1 5.9 Estonia Sweden Spain
Sweden 42.2 10.4 Greece Finland Denmark
UK 116.9 44.4 Spain France Asia
resource. Eurostat

* Countries outside the European Union, such as Russia, Turkey and Ukraine

** Asian countries such as China, Japan and South Korea

Far from the mist and rain drove the English. The year before on their chalked up 44 million holidays abroad. Except Spain and France visited frequently to Asia. In the viewfinder, they stuck a country like China, Japan and South Korea.

Where to go on vacation our neighbors

Poles went to 30 million holidays and spent most of it at home. Beyond the Pole looked only six (14 percent) and when it came out, so to Germany, Italy and Great Britain.

In Austria undertook 16,400,000 holidays and half the people headed for the border. Austrian holidaymakers you can usually find in Italy, Germany, but also in Russia, Ukraine or Turkey.

Slovaks enjoyed 69 million the year before holidays, of which aimed beyond 40 percent. Most went to the Czech Republic, and if they chose to spend their free days in the borders of their country, they chose mostly Spain. It chose as a target of rest every ten Slovak.

Belgians remain at home or Luxembourgers

Vacation home you definitely do not plan to the people of Luxembourg. All 1.3 million Luxembourg holidays was abroad. A very similar situation also exists in Belgium. There goes beyond three out of four of the eleven million holidays. Conversely beauty home enjoying Romanians, Spaniards, Portuguese and Greeks.

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