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The nightmare of all men: Allergy beer! What about her?

Any holder of a seemingly annoying allergies may please findings recently published a study according to which allergy may be beer brands that are harmless to the patient and can safely consume.

Most cases of allergy to beer described until now has been associated with hypersensitivity to a protein known as non-specific lipid transfer protein (English lipid transfer protein, abbreviated LTP). In a recently published study, the authors attempted to determine to what extent depends on individuals allergic to a particular brand of beer, its exact composition and manufacturing process.

They can also find non-allergenic beer

Study on "beer allergy" was performed in forty-five men with a known allergy to pollen, cat hair and mold, where in the past the beer drinking occurred hives and breathing difficulties. This patient underwent skin prick tests with 36 different brands of beer and then challenge tests with those beers that the skin tests proved negative. Finally, in his study authors analyzed specific IgE antibodies directed against two beers with positive results in skin tests against two beers with negative results in skin tests and antibodies against barley, wheat and corn extract.

Skin prick tests were positive in 30 brands of beer from a total of 36 tested. Analysis of specific IgE antibodies showed the presence of antibodies directed against two beers that had a positive skin test result, and because corn.On the other hand, have been found antibodies against two beers tested with negative results in skin tests and against barley. The authors of the study conclude therefore claim that most allergic individuals can probably find the beer brands or types of beers that will not cause an allergic reaction.

Unusual allergy pepper and hot pepper

Treat yourself to your favorite Mexican restaurant that you put anything with hot peppers or cayenne pepper. For several minutes after the first bite will swell lips, body rash appears and you start to sneeze. "What's going on? Doctor said that I have an allergy only to wormwood!" you think. It is for you but drove cross-allergy pepper.

Who after pepper neslzí

Allergy pepper and other spices fortunately not among the common food allergies. But it can be tricky, since they are thus mostly not the case. diagnosis is further complicated by the fact that allergic symptoms on pepper as watery eyes, sneezing or burning are the same even in healthy individuals without allergies. In addition, food allergies are difficult to determine because of the discomfort they can resemble a person who has violated the digestive system for other reasons.

There is a variety of digestive problems, vomiting and diarrhea starting end. It may also be a mere loss of appetite, bloating, pain in the abdomen. On the allergy can notify us difficulties, which are not limited to the digestive system.

Cutaneous and respiratory

Allergenic protein is absorbed into the blood and the antibody response will be to the blood vessels in the skin or mucous membranes of the respiratory system. Then may follow sowing itchy hives or eczema. In the case of the respiratory system is the same as the symptoms of pollen allergy - nasal congestion, runny nose or asthma symptoms.

Wormwood versus pepper

Relatively frequent cause of allergy pepper and other food is so-called cross-allergy. If it is a two proteins similar to its structure and IgE antibodies react to them as well, especially if the "new" allergen encounter repeatedly. The cross-allergic reactions often occur in birch, walnut and celery. Little known in this regard wormwood, which may lead to cross allergy just pepper, but also to other foods.

If someone already has a proven allergy, should be repeated trouble after a meal, pay attention. Maybe in the "My Allergens" can add another item. And because of that i need to start looking for another good restaurant.

How outwitting a food allergy?

Food allergy about 4% of our population. For children up to 3 years, this percentage is twice as high. The incidence of food allergies is on the rise worldwide, and is thus the subject that will be discussed more and more. And not just at the dinner table.

The basis of the diet

Allergy is not easily treatable, but fortunately there is a simple way to avoid the symptoms - eating questionable food. In other words, a diet drug. The diet should be held long and never do not try to circumvent it.

It happens that sometimes allergic symptoms subside, and people with allergies can gradually try to put the food back into your diet. This is especially true for allergies in children, in adults it is usually "forever".

Beware of traces of allergens

A common mistake "allergic beginners" is that underestimate the risk of small and trace amounts of allergen. For allergy is typical that the severity of symptoms is dependent on the amount of food consumed. Even a small amount of high-risk foods and may induce relatively significant allergic response.

Food labels under the microscope

When we become aware of food allergies, probably the most important habit that we should quickly grow is to learn to read labels. As an example, an allergy to soy. It is not enough to stop eating "soy rolls."It is necessary to study the label that the product really does not contain soy. Diet is the alpha and omega of treatment of food allergies, medications are rather complementary.

We bring you a simple tool that you after finding food allergies also will:

D - I'll get to a doctor for examination, the best allergist.
I - inquire about possible allergy Undertake allergy tests (blood, skin, ...).
E - education or training, study honestly labels of foods you buy.
T - patience, collaborate with like sick people who can give advice and practical experience.
A - Allergies and dieting forever! Diet cure for allergies, but you have no symptoms, so you will feel fit and healthy!

What to do if your pet has allergies? We can not fight? You can read it in tomorrow's episode

For more information not only about allergies you can find on the web Ulékař .

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