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Does your pet rash? Can suffer from allergies. We will advise you how to fight it

In all mammals, the immune system prevents extraneous proteins of antibody of different types. Like human IgE used for defense against parasites. But if their work gets out of control, and are made against harmless proteins, which then in contact cause allergic reactions. Such a protein is called an allergen.

Atopic eczema are also available for dogs

The mechanism of allergies is the same in humans and dogs. The development of allergic diseases is therefore necessary in creation of allergic antibodies and simultaneously contact with the causative allergen.This idea had quite a long time for atopic eczema. In dogs, even initially called "allergic dermatitis inhalation" because the causative allergen was often pollen and other inhaled allergens such as mites.

The first literary records of atopic eczema in dogs date back to 1976. Recently, however, shows that the development of atopic eczema contributing factors other than just increased and diverging IgE antibodies to allergens.

On the development of the disease is the excessive permeability of the skin and also some inherent defect in the skin cells. Other factors in the development of disease are important are infections staphylococci and yeast. These findings are relatively fresh and recently contributed significantly to the improvement of treatment.

Clinical signs of atopic dermatitis in dogs

They appear during the first two years of life of the dog. The skin on the belly, paws and ears are itching and redness. A transient state can return to normal, and this often leads to a delay in diagnosis.It is usually set up at the time when the skin itch and continuously appearing hair loss and persistent redness, then adding secondary infections. In determining the diagnosis must be excluded but always flea infestation. Almost all dogs have fleas at some time in life. So first take strict measures to eradicate these parasites.

If the condition does not improve even then, it is suspected allergy confirmed by skin tests. Carried out, after suspending the animal shaved chest area in the same manner as in humans.

And its treatment options

Treatment is also similar to that of humans. The first measure is to avoid contact with allergens. For example, if the dog is allergic to dust mites, it should not get in the master bedroom and into bed, where most dust mites.

Another important intervention is to fight infections when they occur. Served with antibiotics and antifungal medicines. They used the same anti-allergy medicines like humans, only those benefits are calculated per kilogram. As with people even used and allergen immunotherapy (formerly called desensitization).

Recently, tested and other dietary measures, such as the addition of unsaturated fatty acids in the diet to improve the structure of skin cells. Prevention of allergy can also be cross nepostižných individuals. If both parents are affected, the dogs risk for offspring 60%, if not vitiated by one, the risk is only 10%.

What to do when troubled pet food allergies?

Where are allergic to food and pets, not just a few.In case of skin problems help diagnose an allergy test dining. Maybe it will recommend a vet, but you can try it yourself. "Dinner" allergy test should last at least 6-8 weeks

What kind of food to choose

Basically, it's simple. Your pet must get the food that was fed before the problem started. Usually it is a diet consisting of carbohydrates and proteins or protein. In deciding which it is essential to know:

• what your cat or dog ate a few days to weeks - now we need to buy food with completely different ingredients;
• the source of protein should be meat fish, ducks and eggs;
• that as carbohydrates should be used potatoes, peas, barley or cereal.

Pet test

To test dining authoritative, must take at least 6-8 weeks. Only then it is possible to confirm that the new diet effective or not. If the test works, cutaneous symptoms such as rashes and itching, should be improved or completely disappear.In that case, it would mean that the cause of allergies was really food. To be completely sure, start again to feed your pet previous diet. If symptoms reappear, your testing confirmed.

It has purchased can diet benefits?

Everyone prefers something else. Someone cooked animal daily from fresh ingredients, other prefer granules and foods from cans and many combine both options. Among the advantages of prepared foods that you can buy ready-made, are:

• Time savings that you do not spend preparing food;
• sealed cans or bags convenient for travel;
• durability.

If you have any doubts about the correctness of diet for your pet, consult a vet instead.

You can be allergic to the very unusual things. For example, the sperm. My wife, who is suffering from this unpleasant allergies, chances of getting pregnant? You'll find out in tomorrow's episode on

For more information not only about allergies you can find on the webUlékař

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