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To apply for housing benefit? See how you calculate it

He is destined just for low-income families and may even několikatisícových amounts. When deciding on the allowance while studying family income for the previous calendar quarter. Caution! For income is also considered such as child allowance, parental allowance or alimony.

Who has the right to post?

On the housing allowance is entitled to the owner or tenant, who is in the apartment applied for permanent residence if the housing costs exceed the amount of the applicable productincome in the family and a coefficient of 0.30 (the capital city of Prague coefficient of 0.35), while this product is not greater than the amount of normative housing costs.

If you convert to a better understanding of the wording of the Act to the example of the situation model could look like the following. Marešových a family of three who lives in Liberec, figuring out whether he is entitled to the allowance. Mother is not employed, since the three-year old daughter. It takes parental contribution and the contribution of 7600 crowns to 500 crowns child. Father earns 17,000 crowns a month net.The cost of living in a rented apartment (including utilities, etc.) are 11,000 crowns.

Family incomes Thus, in total amount to 25,100 kroner (7,600 + 17,000 + 500 million). This amount multiplied by a factor of 0.3 will take you to 7530 crowns, which is less than the cost of housing (11,000) and the amount of normative housing costs listed for a family of three in the 100,000 inhabitants in the attached table (11,908 dollars). This creates them therefore entitled to the allowance.And it will be in this case is negligible. Since the rent (11,000 dollars) we subtract the calculated 7530 crowns and it turns out the ultimate post 3470 crowns.

How and where you can go and ask

Requests for housing people can submit to the competent authority in the work place of their permanent residence. Both will need a completed application form, which can be obtained on the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, personal document (just a citizen), proof offamily income for the last quarter and must document the cost of housing need and lease invoices for gas or electricity.

The housing allowance is also possible to apply retroactively, but not more than the last three months. The payment of the housing allowance is also limited to 84 months during the last 10 calendar years.This restriction does not hold for households consisting exclusively of persons aged 70 years and for persons with disabilities who live in specially adapted housing.

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