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Beware! When an allergy to insect may die!

However, it is good to know that not every body is just a manifestation of allergic origin and requires medical treatment. On the other hand, there are serious problems that may endanger the victim's life.

Insect stings can cause three different types of responses:

• Normal - around pinching creates redness and swelling, often painful place.
• Local - swelling spread to distant sites from the bites, such as from the ranks of the finger swells the whole hand.But one does not have general symptoms and this reaction is not life-threatening.
• Allergic - or anaphylactic reaction, which may in extreme cases, endanger the victim's life.

Dangerous manifestations

People who have experienced an allergic reaction to insects, have in the future about a 60% chance that it will repeat. The response of the organism, then it is usually stronger. And as can be severe, so-called anaphylactic reaction? It may include any of the following expressions:
• difficulty in breathing,
• red buds spreading beyond the sting sting
• swelling of the face, throat or tongue,
• difficulty in swallowing,
• restlessness and anxiety,
fast heartbeat, low blood pressure, dizziness,
• rarely can cause unconsciousness, the development of shock and cardiac arrest, which may cause death of a person.

First aid for allergic

• Remove insect sting if left in the wound, so that it is not released from one another.
• Wash the rank of soap and water and disinfect it.
• If you develop swelling, coldness affected area.
• Keep a antihistamines and immediately after the attack of insects is enjoy, moderate swelling and itching. Without the consent of a doctor but these drugs should not be administered to pregnant women and children up to 2 years.
• When developing severe anaphylactic reactions should be an adrenalin. People who have gone through this experience, tend to each corresponding product. Its use is very simple - it reminds fountain pen and directly through clothing with a drug injected into the muscle.
• Despite the adrenaline is at a serious allergic reaction necessary medical assistance immediately. The victim may in fact be life-threatening, even if you got the adrenaline.

Did you know that you can be allergic to even the snakes? To learn more about allergies to animals learn in tomorrow's episode

For more information not only about allergies you can find on the web Ulékař .

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