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ALLERGIES: Osyp you can for the dogs, cats, rodents and snakes!


Most people mistakenly believe that allergies to animals is because of their hair. While this is true, but only partially. Many allergens are found in body fluids - saliva, urine, and sometimes even the milk.

If you are allergic child, not buy him shaggy dog, it makes sense. Few people are realizing that potential allergens are an animal can hide elsewhere. Coat is really the only thing that can irritate allergic individuals. There is a dog that does not cause any allergies? Unfortunately, there is no such breed.All dogs produce flakes of dead skin, saliva, sweat and urine, which are substances that may be allergic to anyone.


Direct contact with cat allergen and probably with other animal allergens that cross-react partially with the cat, for these patients with asthma clear health threat.

Asthmatics are allergic to cats have worse symptoms when they have a cat at home, compared with those who do not have it at home. Unfortunately, it harms or indirect contact with cat allergen.It can be transmitted to the dress and hair cat owners from their homes. The consequences are the same for asthmatics. The Council is: cats not to behave at home and breeders of cats prefer to avoid.


Rodents can cause allergic reactions very stubborn, but in recent years the number of rodents kept as pets has increased dramatically. Most often these are mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters and degu.

The main allergen proteins rodents are used as carriers of pheromones secreted into the urine. Males were excluded up to a hundred times more than females.A swirling dust bedding allergens easily get into the air.

People with a history of atopy (innate talent to form higher levels of allergic antibodies) and those who work with male rodents have up to ten times higher risk of developing allergies. Allergens mice and rats are 66% similar to each other and to a lesser extent, are similar in canine, feline, equine and bovine allergens. Allergy to one of these species therefore an increased risk of allergies and the other named animals.


Horse, though it is not very well known, can also cause allergic problems. Besides horse hair alergizují his saliva containing lipocalin. Lipocalin are proteins that are in concentrated form found in mammalian saliva. Inhalant allergies cause less often than hair. But if lipocalin penetrate into the bloodstream may develop systemic reactions. That can happen when your horse bites. So if you offer horse apple or sugar přilepšenou, be careful.


Raising pigeons is now the exception, but it bothers us feral pigeons, who began mass-populate the city. The allergy considerations are an important source of pigeons mites. In their nests to survive a number of species, most klíšťák pigeon (Argas reflexus) and Čmelík corn (Dermanyssus gallinae). Mites are together with other microscopic particles of dust roznášeného basis not only for infected objects, but also in the surrounding air, where they act as allergens.The more such objects are attacked (large layer droppings, nests and mummified hulls of dead pigeons on soils), the greater the likelihood of allergic reactions in the vicinity.


Rarely occurs allergy to snake scales, but are more frequent cases of allergy to substances that adhere to the snake scales. These may be chemicals or substances that are injected into the snake's environment, such as for cleaning terrarium. Allergic reactions can also cause the snake excrement, if left in the terrarium.Allergies to reptiles or snakes in particular can manifest as irritation of the respiratory tract, and skin symptoms.

How to minimize the risk of allergy snakes

• The most important thing is to keep the environment clean snake - it is necessary not only to prevent allergy symptoms, but also for the good health of the animal.
• Remove all manure from the terrarium as soon as you notice them.
• When cleaning the terrarium always completely remove residual chemicals and cleaning products with a sufficient amount of clean water.
• If, despite all allergic symptoms persist after handling the snake, it is possible that you are allergic to snake šupiny.V this case, refer the matter to a physician, preferably allergist.

What advice for allergy sufferers?

No truly "hypoallergenic" breed animal does not exist. Neither the length of hair or línavost alergizační potential animal not significantly affected. They are described even cases of allergy to completely hairless animals such as iguanas. Expert advice is: Nepořizovat take home any animal.If you already have and you become allergic to them, they must be put away from home.

You can not give up your pet? Then at least carefully follow these guidelines:

• Do not pet the bedroom.
• define his stay in the same room without carpet with washable floors.
• Regularly clean (wash) his lair.
• Damp clear up.
• Regularly wash clothes coming into contact with the animal.
• Bathe the animal 2-3 times a week for 5-10 minutes.
• In the pollen season sprchujte animal daily.
• Puss leave neuter.
• Remove the flat upholstered furniture.
• Use anti-allergic coating.
• Get a HEPA filter vacuum cleaner.

What is the link between breastfeeding and allergies? You will learn it in tomorrow's episode

For more information not only about allergies you can find on the web Ulékař .

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